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Here's an update.



Anna Benavidez (4/15) 15 Years. 

Andrea Jones    (4/18) 13 Years


Cheers to you on your Work Anniversary. We are honored with your service and dedication to FFHC! We celebrate this milestone and look forward to many more years.



Paola Orozco   ( 4/15)

Julissa Aguilar (4/19)

Emma Gipson    (4/19)

Adra Thomas   (4/19)


Cheers to you for another trip around the sun. Wishing you a special day with wonder and joy!


April 14-20 Laboratory Professional Week

Thank you to our Lab Professionals! We are thrilled you have joined our team!



Please make sure you have completed Q1 trainings and your 2023 trainings.

Intranet Feedback: As you enjoy the experience and new layout of our new Intranet, please provide feedback to our design team by using the button below. Also, use the "Tutorial" button below to view a brief tutorial in using the new FFHC Intranet.


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