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Anita Dsouza (06/11) 6years

Happy 6th year work anniversary. Congratulations on another year of excellence and another year of success!


June 10th -20th is National Men’s Health Week. Let’s encourage all male family members and friends to not forget annual visits, healthy diet, exercise regime, as well as mental health.



If you have received correspondence regarding vaccines or tests, please send information to Compliance Coordinator.


Healthicity Trainings Q2 Risk Management Training due 06/30/2024.


Please be sure to also complete your 2023 assigned courses: HIPAA, Infection Control, Obstetrics and Patient Safety. These trainings will be needed for our Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA) malpractice coverage.

Intranet Feedback: As you enjoy the experience and new layout of our new Intranet, please provide feedback to our design team by using the button below. Also, use the "Tutorial" button below to view a brief tutorial in using the new FFHC Intranet.


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